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Everybody at Free Agency is a Talent Agent.

Sherveen Mashayekhi

Sherveen Mashayekhi

Co-founder & CEO

Sherveen represents Free Agents like:
  • C-level executives at top startups and tech companies
  • Venture capitalists and former/current tech founders
  • Leaders at Facebook, Amazon, Google, Netflix, & more
Alex Rothberg

Alex Rothberg

Co-founder & COO

Alex represents Free Agents like:
  • Software engineering and data science executives
  • Aspiring, emerging, and first-time engineering managers
  • Technical leaders at SpaceX, MIT, Zoox, GitHub, HBO, & more
Bernadette Gatsby

Bernadette Gatsby

Chief of Staff

Bernadette represents Free Agents like:
  • Chiefs of Staff, Heads of People, and other HR leaders
  • Creative talent, particularly focused on design and CPG
  • Career transitioners and new entrants to startups
Nathan Chen

Nathan Chen

Operations Generalist

Nathan represents Free Agents like:
  • Operations, go-to-market, finance, and marketing specialists
  • Talent looking to maximize their digital brand & persona
  • Emerging talent from Tinder, Cruise, Zocdoc, & Udacity
Montana Ames

Montana Ames

Talent Agent

Montana represents Free Agents like:
  • Experts in product management, from mid to C-level
  • Young professionals finding their first high-octane role
  • Leaders at WeWork, Lyft, The Washington Post, & more
Brian Revak

Brian Revak

Talent Agent

Brian represents Free Agents like:
  • Individuals in sales, business development, & partnerships
  • Remote workers and individuals looking to move geographies
  • Role transitioners and lateral movers within companies
Raquel Cid

Raquel Cid

Talent Agent

Raquel represents Free Agents like:
  • Emerging talent working on leadership development & presence
  • Young professionals at companies like Facebook, Tonal, & Apple
  • Foster animals, particularly dogs and cats
Katie Kilbourne

Katie Kilbourne

Talent Operations

Katie represents Free Agents like:
  • New graduates and first-time tech employees
  • Individuals interested in sustainability and social impact
  • Professionals looking for contract work & freelance work
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