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How we work

01. Writing

Writing is essential

Whether it's about making sure every voice is heard, allowing more time for developed thought, or telling a compelling & complex story, writing enables strong decision-making.

02. Aptitude

Aptitude over experience

We hire, and encourage others to hire, for someone's potential over their past. And we believe the best way to build a great team is to help people achieve their potential.

03. Probabilities

Probabilistic decision-making

Every choice is a bet on the likelihood of an outcome. Thinking in probabilities and likelihoods makes decisions less intimidating, and unlocks our team to move quickly.

04. Time

Have a long time horizon

We have a vision of the world and our category (talent). To recraft the category in our image requires us to be building not just for today, but always thinking five years ahead.

05. Silos

No silos of opinion

We have job titles, departments, and owners. But we don't allow these definitions to trap us. Information is shared widely and opinions welcome from anyone for good decision-making.

06. Village

It takes a village

We work to surround ourselves with allies and partners that help us reach our ambition. We provide our teammates and Free Agents with that same council of expertise & guidance.

07. Work-in-progress

Everyone is a WIP

Including Free Agency. We encourage new team members to bring in their principles + methods of work, & craft new ones during their journey with us.


Development budget

We give everyone a monthly budget to spend on their career + skills.

Competitive pay

We know the market rate, and we know what it takes to hire the best.

Full health coverage

100% medical, dental, vision enables our team to get and stay healthy.

Unlimited vacation

And we enforce a 2-week minimum. We work hard and deserve breaks.

Commuter benefits

Getting you to work is essential, because we love our office vibes.


20% time allows you to go outside your role and comfort zone.